The VIP Ward

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The VIP ward was established in 2007with the intention of creating a serene homelike environment for in-patients whiles on admission at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital. Based on professional standards, we offer a clam and very serene environment where patients and the general public alike can come for relaxation at a minimum fee.

The ward has a capacity of 20 beds but only 17 beds are available at the moment, hence eliminating the issue of overcrowding in the ward. Nurse to patient ratio stands at 2:1,to ensure maximum nursing care, giving room for nurse-patient interactions, counseling for patients as well as family members.

We have Doctors coming on daily basis to review patient and assess progress at the ward.

The ward provides patients and their visitors with some recreational activities like scrabbles, monopoly, ludo, cards game, VCD game, Satellite television, and the likes.

Patients are served with meals of their choice three times a day.

24 hour security is assured at the ward with a one to one locker system where patients get to keep their belongings. Bathrooms and toilets are maintained with proper sanitation.

Patients are also allowed to pick strolls outside the ward and hospital premises depending on their conditions with or without a nurse.

Plans to establish self contained rooms to offer patients maximum privacy and comfort is underway.