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The hospital has the following departments for the effective execution of its vital functions.

  • General Administration Dept.
  • Out-Patients Department (Consulting Rooms, Injection Room)
  • Nursing Administration
  • Environmental and Sanitation Department
  • Records Department
  • Laboratory Department
  • Pharmacy Department (24hrs pharmacy)
  • Mortuary Department
  • Catering Department
  • Estate Department
  • Laundry Department
  • Stores and Supply Department
  • In-Service Training Unit
  • Social Welfare Department
  • Internal Audit Departmnet
  • Accounts Department
  • Welfare Union Office
  • Electroconvulsive Therapy Dept. (ECT)
  • Occupational Therapy Department
  • Human Resource Department



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Psychiatric Hospital- Taking care of your Psychiatry Needs

Historical Background

During the period of colonization and before the introduction of scientific medicine, mental illness was treated with herbal medicine and spiritual rites. In the very early days of colonial rule, mentally ill patients were left alone to their own fate.
However, on 4th February 1888, by a Legislative Instrument (LI) under the signature of the then governor, Sir Edward Griffiths, the old High Court of Victoria Borg was converted into Lunatic Asylum.

The warderns then looked after the patients. No medical treatment was given and no real distinction made between the requirements of the mentally ill and those of the criminal. Over crowding in the prison promoted the building of a new hospital at Adadraka in 1904, and was called Lunatic Asylum; the present Accra Psychiatric Hospital. It was commissioned in 1906 to accommodate 200 patients.

About 110 patients were initially admitted into the new hospital under the charge of 16 untrained attendants. The hospital consisted of four wards; Female, Male, General and Criminal wards. The Lunatic Asylum later underwent modifications and extension into the Psychiatric Hospital with a bed capacity of 600.



The Accra Psychiatric Hospital seeks to become the leading psychiatric Institution in Ghana providing the best quality psychiatric care to our clients and to foster partnership with other stake holders in providing quality health service.



It is to provide the best practice in Psychiatric care to clients through a dedicatec work force of health professionals in a client-friendly environment.



  • Dedication & Excellence
  • Partnership
  • Professionalism
  • Team Work


The Hospital is responsible for the treatment, welfare, training and rehabilitation of the mentally ill.

The University Of Ghana Medical School has a faculty established at the hospital for undergraduate training in Psychiatry and postgraduate training under the West African College of Psychiatrists (WACP).The hospital thus has a symbiotic relationship with the medical school.

Nurses from all over the country are affiliated to this hospital for their 6-month proficiency training in Psychiatry.

It also has facilities and is accredited for postgraduate training in psychiatry. Clinical problems handled in both training and practice include a range of

  • neuro-psychotic issues
  • manic-depressive illnesses
  • schizophrenia
  • epilepsy
  • alcohol and drug abuse
  • etc.

The hospital has also been part of active awareness campaign on mental health issues. Facilities  are also available for the treatment of physical cases at the Ridge Hospital.



The hospital has the capacity to accommodate 600 patients at any given time. However, this has not been the case as the hospital continues to be over crowded with an increasing population and therefore a growing demand on the limited facilities.

This has tended to compromise the comfort and general well-being of patients and constitute an appreciable strain on its resources i.e., working materials, staff and funds.



The hospital is run by a management team headed by the Medical Director.

Other members are the

  • Nurse Manager (D.D.N.S.I/C.)
  • Deputy Chief Health Service Administrator (Secretary)
  • Deputy Chief Accountant
  • Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical Services
  • Deputy Chief Catering Officer
  • Senior Human Resource Manager
  • Senior Consultant,(Dept of Psychiatry, U.G.M.S.)
  • National Coordinator of Community Psychiatry Nurses.

There are other administrative communities to support management.


Supporting Facilities


The first-born child of Accra Psychiatric Hospital was Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital. It was opened in October 1965.It had beds for 500 patients who are admitted from central, western and Ashanti regions.

Dr Sangmuah,Dr Sika-Nartey and Dr.Atsor were the pioneer psychiatrists. This was an attempt to decongest the hospital.



The second born child of Accra Psychiatric Hospital was Pantang hospital. It was opened by General I.K.Acheampong in 1975 and was headed by Dr.Sika-Nartey,a Psychiatrist. The hospital is situated near a village called Pantang,about 1.6 kilometres off the Accra- Aburi road and 25 kilometres from Accra Central. The hospital was originally planned to be a Pan-African Mental Health Village.





Mobilization of assistance to support existing services

  1. Funds
  2. Drugs
  3. Logistics