The first-born child of Accra Psychiatric Hospital was Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital. It was opened in October 1965.It had beds for 500 patients who are admitted from central, western and Ashanti regions.

Dr Sangmuah,Dr Sika-Nartey and Dr.Atsor were the pioneer psychiatrists. This was an attempt to decongest the hospital.


The second born child of Accra Psychiatric Hospital was Pantang hospital. It was opened by General I.K.Acheampong in 1975 and was headed by Dr.Sika-Nartey,a Psychiatrist. The hospital is situated near a village called Pantang,about 1.6 kilometres off the Accra- Aburi road and 25 kilometres from Accra Central. The hospital was originally planned to be a Pan-African Mental Health Village.