The Hospital is responsible for the treatment, welfare, training and rehabilitation of the mentally ill.

The University Of Ghana Medical School has a faculty established at the hospital for undergraduate training in Psychiatry and postgraduate training under the West African College of Psychiatrists (WACP).The hospital thus has a symbiotic relationship with the medical school.

Nurses from all over the country are affiliated to this hospital for their 6-month proficiency training in Psychiatry.

It also has facilities and is accredited for postgraduate training in psychiatry. Clinical problems handled in both training and practice include a range of

  • neuro-psychotic issues
  • manic-depressive illnesses
  • schizophrenia
  • epilepsy
  • alcohol and drug abuse etc.

The hospital has also been part of active awareness campaign on mental health issues. Facilities are also available for the treatment of physical cases at the Ridge Hospital.