APH holds maiden workshop on Cognitive Distortions

The In Service Training in collaboration with the Psychology Unit of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital has held their first workshop in a series on thinking errors with the specific theme ‘Identifying Cognitive Distortions : A Window for Optimum Wellbeing. In a welcome address, the resident Clinical Psychologist Intern of the hospital Ms Alexandra Adjei establish the benefit the participants are going to gain both for work and personal life by being present.

She reiterated that knowing what cognitive distortions are can help you identify your own negative thoughts; reconstruct it to positive thereby living a more free, happier and successful life. The first resource person, Mr Edu - Ansah, a clinical psychologist intern at the Women Hospital Tema and also doubles as a school psychologist at the Mega Montessori School opened the seminar by first highlighting the objectives of his presentation, what cognitions are and how what we think affects the way we feel and in turn affect our behaviour and the types of distortions there are and how to identify them.

The second speaker, Ms Ahulu also a psychologist intern with vast experience in the use of cognitive behavioural therapy zoomed in with how to deal with the various distortions with practical illustrations which got the participants excited. The representative from the In-Service Mr Drah, says the workshop was as expected, very result oriented and resourceful, hinged on the core values of the in – service which is service, integrity and excellence.

Participants by way of evaluation noted that their expectations were exceeded. They verbalised that the entire exercise has been hugely beneficial and added to their knowledge gap and competency. By way of questions, their expectations were exceeded and participants are thus willing to get more of such fora and resource people coupled with excellent organization as this one recently organised. Ms Adjei says the psychology unit hopes to make various categories of staff at the hospital feel the presence and relevance of the psychologist in their own life’s as well as that of the patients.

In view of this they have organized 3 previous workshops on the role of the Clinical Psychologist in the Clinical Setting for 95 nursing staff as well as relaxation training for 30. She took the opportunity to thank staff of her unit, the IT session, the nursing administration and in –service for supporting to churn out such a successful program.