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Mental Health practitioners will receive Insurance cover

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Posted by Johnny (john) on Mar 07 2013
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Mental Health practitioners will receive Insurance cover –Madam Sherry Ayitey

All personels working in every mental Health facility across the country may soon be enjoying an insurance cover amongst other benefits to encourage the mental health practise.

Madam Sherry Ayitey disclosed this when she toured the hospital to familiarize herself with the state of the hospital.She described the work of the personnels as critical and as such will be necessary to encourage them with some sort of insurance should in case any incident happen to any staff.

In a speech read by Dr Pinaman Apau on behalf of the Chief Psychiatrist and medical director of the hospital,Dr Akwasi Osei sincerely apologized for the absence of Dr. Akwasi Osei, who was on official duty outside the country.

The statement described the ageing and crumbling infrastructure of the hospital posing huge problems and due to the virtual neglect suffered by the Hospital over the years, it has become more than critical, to re-equip the entire facility to make it justify its existence and be able to continue to render the needed crucial services to citizens who access the Hospital for the needed care.

 Roofs with gaping holes, broken down toilet facilities, horrible consulting rooms and wards in catastrophic conditions have become a common place at the Hospital the statement added.It further said that due to this issue pending, huge proportion of its meager resources was spent on maintenance.

"The Hospital is currently seriously indebted to the tune of over 3.2million Ghana Cedis especially to food and chemical suppliers, a situation that has compelled some of our most reliable and loyal ones to cease supplying to the hospital, with some threatening to institute legal action against the Hospital" the statement said.

Notwithstanding the almost traditional physical attacks and assaults by patients on staffs, the statement revealed that  there have being instances where some staffs lost their eyes, teeth, others with broken limbs some of which eventually led to their deaths. It described the attack and injury on two of its nurses at the Female Rehabilitation as a classic example. "Yet the phrase “risk allowance” is alien to its staff, who at every moment have to be looking over their shoulders and be alert to escape potential physical attacks by sometimes restless, anxious, deluded patients, especially when the Hospital runs out of psychotropic drugs" the statement said.It described the payment of differential wages in favour of health professionals working in mental health hospitals as handy and urgently recommending the payment of risk allowances for mental health care personels.


The statement was quick to add that despite the Hospitals shortcomings such as malpractices and negative happenings, all is well and has truly been dealt with over the time.

In response, Madam Sherry Ayitey admitted to the fact that the hospital which was built years ago as a prison and later converted into a hospital does need a lot of infrastructural support as well as realistic policies to facilitate services in the hospital.

This she said will be necessary to speed up the Mental Health fund enshrined in the recently passed Mental Health Act so to provide funds to serve as an insurance cover for the personnel amongst other financial constraints.

Madam Sherry Ayitey added that scholarship for young doctors to enter to the study of psychiatry, encouraging psychology students in the tertiary institutions are measures the government is scaling to address the issue of the shortage of personels in the hospital. She promised to provide a bus in the interim to the hospital so staffs who work late in the night could be assisted with a mean s of transport.


An undisclosed amount of cash  was presented to each of the two nurses who were earlier assaulted by a patient in the female rehab ward. She expressed her sympathy and added that this should not deter them from continuing their selfless act and service to the mentally ill.

She later donated a set of provisions worth a GHC500 to the children’s’ ward and interacted with a few of the nurses on duty.

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Good news By Guest on May 05 2014 at 11:13 AM
Well this is good and refreshing to hear. At least it shows some comeitment. All issues raised are long over due and like de popular saying goes \' better late than never\'

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